Yakima Dove Hunt

Yakima Dove Hunt

Yakima Dove Hunt #2

Yakima Dove Hunt #2

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last Sunday was cold. After getting home from church, the girls were getting bundled up to go play in the snow. Addie stops, puts her hand on Korey's cheek and says,
"I love you because you always make your body so handsome with clothes."
Addie then looks to mom so as not to leave her out and says with her head slightly tipped,
"You always make your body pretty with clothes"
Addie then grins, says goodbye, and rushes out the door to play in the snow.
It makes me smile just thinking about it. Sometimes she does the funniest things out of no where......

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A desire to learn

Over the last few weeks, Addie has decided that she is 'good' at the alpahbet and can 'read'. It is so exciting, Addie finally wants to LEARN! Most of last year she refused to sing the entire alphabet, I started wondering if she could actually still say the entire alphabet....This year, she is just a little sponge. She loves to put letters together, sound them out and ask, what does that spell? She is learning blends from her big sister, but I am just so relieved as a mom that she WANTS to learn. What a difference 6 months can make!!!!

Christmas Play

I have had the pleasure of watching Alexis at her last two performances of the Church Christmas play. That was so much fun; she seems to just 'get it'. She speaks slowly and clearly, she is ready for her lines each time and her duet is great. I am so proud of her-she desn't appear nervous in any way, just ready. I can't believe that is my little girl I am watching-it is awesome to watch her grow into such a neat kid!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Addie at the park

Addie Grace Smith, you are one of a kind. It is so hard to get a picture of you with a natural smile. You have many that you have come up with, the cheezy grin, the upper lip curl grin, the squinty eye grin...the list goes on and on. Fortunately, this picture captures your beautiful 4 1/2 year old smile. Love it! October 30, 2008

Alexis at the park

I love this picture of Alexis. We went to Carrie Blake Park specifically to take Fall pictures of you and Addie. You wanted so much to wear this hat that we took the summer to locate. This picture captures your natural smile and how beautiful you have become. I just love it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A visit to the doctor

Last month, I kissed Addie goodnight and thought she had a stinky ear. Gross, I know, but it smelled funny. So I mentioned it to Korey who basically said not to worry about it, he didn't think her ear smelled. A few days later, I was trying to wake her up and again, I thought her ear smelled. This time, I called the Mayo clinic hotline and the nurse, as kindly as possible, tells me to have Addie seen in the next 24 hours. Great! I call and leave a message for the doctor at 8a. I called back at 11a and was told a nurse would get back to me...eventually I ended up making the trip to PA to the childrens clinic.
The nurse and doctor checked her ears and said they were full of ear wax and probably a little dirt. No redness, no swelling-so they wanted to give her an ear wash. I was hoping they would say that! Addie has major wax production and very narrow ear canal so there is always a ton of wax in her ear. So, the nurse starts with the 'stinky' ear. Three full pans of orangy colored water and lots of big wax chunks later, the nurse is satisfied and goes to the left ear. This one didn't stink,but if you wash one, you should wash the other. The first tray gets full quickly, the same gross chunks as the right ear. As she begins filling the next pan, Addie starts to cry and begs her to stop. Uh oh. The nurse grabs the ear looky thingy and check her ear. Mind you, there was nothing but wax prior to the ear wash, BUT after the first tray was filled, something was unlodged. The nurse says." There is something blue in there."
I ask Addie, Did you put something in your ears, honey?
Addie- She is a little weepy and shrugs her shoulders..."Mommy, it's just that I tried to put the pretty clear bead in, but it wouldn't fit. So, I put the blue one in."
OH MY GOODNESS. It was actually hard not to laugh. She was so serious. That pretty clear one just wouldn't fit so she just had to stick the blue one in!
Needless to say, both the nurse and I told Adddie not to do that again and warned her of the dangers of putting anything in her ears again. The nurse finished washing out her ear and we left. I was satisfied that I had done the right thing by taking her in, and thankfully there was no damage done.