Yakima Dove Hunt

Yakima Dove Hunt

Yakima Dove Hunt #2

Yakima Dove Hunt #2

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Addie's New 'SIGN'

January 5, 2008
I hope I can tell this correctly. After dinner, Addie was making this sign with her fingers, looking at Korey, then to her hand and back at Korey. He laughs and ask Addie what she is doing.
"Dad, don't you know this sign?"
No, what does it mean? Dad asks
"Well, this is the sign for I want a horse, with a barn and hay for it to eat."
Of course it is Addie, how could we not see this?


Alexis has begun her first season of basketball. We have not really taught her anything about the game except that the ball goes through the hoop. Last Thursday she met her teammates and had her first practice, Saturday she had her first game. She was nervous and a little perturbed that the coach would expect her to play well after just one practice......she didn't know if she wanted to play a game yet. Thankfully she did-and did awesomely(Is that a word-it should be!) She is athletic that is for sure. She stole the ball, drove down the court and basically did a jump shot. It made this mama so proud. She didn't make any baskets, but she ran up and down the court, listening to her coach and following his instructions, it was just great. She had a big grin on her face and had so much fun. I love that she is loving this game-what a blast to watch!


January 13, 2008
I was driving Addie to school today and notices she was checking herself out in the mirror. I started laughing and asked her what she was doing....her reply,
" Mom, did you know that you have oval nostrils and I have round nostrils?"

In case I ever wondered.....

Oh Addie

January 12, 2008
From the mind of a four year old.....
I was sitting on the couch visiting with friends and apparently Addie wanted to participate in the conversation. She looks as grown up as possible and says-interrupting-
"I have been trying to dream about Christmas, but just can't. So, I am downloading about it now"

Seriously-she said she was downloading the information so she could dream about Christmas later!